Image: 92 - Opportunists!

While the nights are now lighter and we’re enjoying brighter mornings, it makes us all feel that much more alive. But, on a darker note, that feeling spreads to opportunists too.

At Mrk2 Security, we’ve years of experience behind us to advise you on our entire range but also on the situations that might occur when we least expect it. Have you ever considered CCTV for your home or office?

It’s definitely worth thinking about.

While we don’t want to alarm you, you only need to be away from your premises for ten minutes to be burgled if someone has been studying your routine or see what products you’ve purchased.

Here’s a few tips to help you reduce your chances of attracting the wrong audience:

.Remember the box your giant TV was delivered in? Don’t just discard it for the weekly rubbish removals. This is a sure fire way to highlight that you’re now the proud owner of an item that can be stolen. Advertising this box in the street is a big no no. Tear it into smaller pieces and dispose of it between the boxes the pet food came in. The same goes for your computer box too.

. Sure your new car is shiny and a blessing to ease your lifestyle, but if it is on the road or the drive – potentially parked next to the garage it ought to be inside, it’s just another piece of excitement for that joyrider.

. Be aware of what you say when you are queuing up in shops. It only takes one set of ears to hear that your late grandmother’s diamond ring is fine tucked away inside the top draw in your bedroom. That thief will watch you get into your car and follow you home. The rest is easy pickings for them.

Discreet CCTV fixed to your home or your office is a small way to deter the attention of the bad guys and we’ll help you achieve that prevention. Get in touch soon or pop into our shop.

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