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21/08/2013: Just a reminder...

Last month we mentioned how this time of year is one to exercise special vigilance with so many of us leaving homes and businesses unattended while we take our annual break. To bring the risks into focus, we have just received Essex crime statistics for June 2013, which are summarised below. They highlight the risks to premises, vehicles and people out there on the street. Many of these risks can be reduced dramatically through intelligent use of alarm and CCTV systems.

June 2013 in Essex saw 13416 crimes reported. They can be broken down into the following categories:

  • ASB: 5126
  • Bicycle Theft: 205
  • Burglary: 1105
  • Criminal Damage & Arson: 1173
  • Drugs: 358
  • Other theft: 1194
  • Possession of weapons: 67
  • Public order: 282
  • Robbery: 99
  • Shoplifting: 809
  • Theft from the person: 153
  • Vehicle Crime: 1044
  • Violence and sexual offences; 1725
  • Other crime: 77
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