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27/04/2018: Make life harder for criminals, have a free security audit now

April is here, nearly gone and the pleasant spring weather is still missing. Sadly, that doesn't deter criminals from pursuing their chosen occupation.

Looking at the latest figures (February, 2018) from Essex Police, crimes against the home such as burglary, criminal damage and arson showed a slight fall compared to the previous months. However, this is no sign that any of us can become complacent. There were still 949 burglaries in the county in February 2018, so the need for good security measures, up to date, well maintained alarms and CCTV systems, is as great as ever.

The good news is that with the longer hours of daylight, we can fit in more free security audits for homes and business premises. So, to make sure that what you have stays yours and to make the criminals' lives as difficult as possible, call us on the number shown or click in the header of any page to send us an email.

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